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Design Process

Phase 1: Design Initiation

We have two routes for custom clothing designs Full-Custom and Semi-Custom.

Full custom

Choose this route if you're looking to build something from scratch. For this, all you need is color scheme, logos, and some creativity. The product is a set of design proofs we use to make your custom kit. Here are some things that make the design process go smoother:

  • Any marketing materials used by your team or sponsors
  • A kit design that you like and want to build from (even just a photograph of the kit you liked)
  • Logos in Vectorized format, such as .eps, .ai, or .pdf (ask your sponsors to send them to you).

To initiate this order, a fully refundable deposit must be placed on the design. The deposit can be placed here. Pricing for full custom design includes four hours of graphic design work, which is usually 3-4 revisions. Extra time can be purchased if desired, but it is rarely necessary.

Semi Custom

This route is for less labor-intensive custom kits. Choose this option if you already have a full vectorized kit design that you want to build from, or you're comfortable with starting from our standard templates.

Like the full custom design, we need to take a deposit to initiate this type of design. That can be placed here.

Phase 2: One-on-one Design Time With Our Professional Artists

After initiating your semi custom or full custom design by placing a deposit, you will be contacted by our graphic design team. From there, we begin designing your kit, and turning them into a design with your creative input.

Phase 3: Revisions

This is where we do the final tweaks to the design, such as moving logos around, tweaking the colors, etc.

Phase 4: Confirmation

Before we go to production, we provide you a final proof of your whole kit. This ensures we get every sponsor logo, and all of your colors are correct.


These are some results of full kits 100% designed and produced by Corbah. Here is an example of a kit 'proof' one of these were produced from.
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