Shipping | Corbah



Domestic - United States

We ship items from our warehouse in Gainesville, Florida several times per week. We use USPS for cheap effective shipping. We have the following options for your order

USPS Standard - These orders are typically received the same week as placing them. They range from arriving between 3-6 business days. It is our cheapest option but delivery times vary.
USPS Expedited - This gets you USPS Priority mail (usually a flaterate envelope) and are shipped out the same or next business day depending on time of order.
USPS Express - These are shipped using USPS Express Mail. Express mail quotes about 24 hours for shipments within the US once the order is processed. Orders are processed by us every 24-36 hours. For exact delivery times, please contact our contact form.

International - Canada

We offer DHL Express International and USPS International shipping. USPS International is the slower and cheaper option while DHL Express guarantees delivery times. In most cases, USPS International will get you your items in a very expedient and inexpensive manner. If you need your item by a specific deadline, we recommend DHL Express International.

International - Europe

We offer two shipping routes for European counties : International USPS and DHL Express International. DHL Express International usually takes less than a week while USPS takes about twice as long. DHL Express guarantees delivery times as well as provides tracking numbers. USPS International does not. USPS International is your cheapest option but shipping times vary highly.

International - Middle East

DHL Express International and USPS International. DHL Express typically quotes 4-6 business days to shipments going to Asia. USPS International usually takes 2-3 times longer.

International - Asia

DHL Express International and USPS International. DHL Express typically quotes 5-7 business days to shipments going to Asia.

International - Africa

We highly recommend using DHL Express international for shipments to Africa.